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Conference Details

As you arrive at the conference, Laymen around the state will greet you and welcome you.  After you check-in, join in the fellowship. The amazing staff prepares home-cooked meals for us and we eat buffet style.  You can expect a full menu of options at each meal.  No layman has ever gone home hungry!

You will be able to choose lodging in one of the many facilities at St. Mary’s with single or double rooms, tent camping, or off-site.  The majority of time is spent gathered at the outdoor pavilion.  Each conference invites three speakers to present to the men on the chosen theme for the year.  The group also sings hymns and conducts any business as is necessary as a group.  Every night ends with a service of Compline, a special and solemn way to cap off days full of fellowship and renewal.


Saturday starts with a sunrise service led by one of the Bishops in Tennessee.  After a powerful message and breakfast, we join together for another speaker before splitting into groups for Diocesan meetings with the Bishops.  At lunch, the men split up for activities throughout the area.  Popular choices are golfing, hiking, tennis, fly fishing, skeet shooting, a bluegrass jam, and, of course, competitive napping.  These activities are a great time to relax with your friends or meet some new ones.  Only golf and skeet shooting have any additional costs and you can select your activities at registration or check-in.


The culmination of the weekend comes Sunday morning when All Saints Chapel at Sewanee welcomes the Laymen for a special service.   Yet another message delivered by one of our Bishops caps off a wonderful experience.  We hope you will join us this year on the mountain.